Sara Warner

Acts of Gaiety by Sara Warner
Acts of Gaiety

Sara studies the art of activism.  She looks at the ways political actors use performance in programs for social justice and the ways stage actors use the theater as a laboratory for reimagining notions of community, citizenship, power, and responsibility.  As an associate professor in the Department of Performing & Media Arts, Sara’s research takes many forms, from collaborating with incarcerated women to researching Suffragette pageants. She co-produces a series of “patriot acts,” political performances on national holidays, with the Bad (Hombres) and Nasty (Women) collective.

Sara’s award winning book, Acts of Gaiety: LGBT Performance and the Politics of Pleasure, examines the role of humor and play in experiments to create a more perfect union.  She also publishes cultural criticism in a variety of news outlets, including Time Magazine, HowlRound, and Huffington Post, where she has her own column.  In 2016, Sara was named a Stephen H. Weiss Junior Fellow, Cornell’s highest teaching honor for a recently tenured faculty member.  Her current project (2017-2018) is a collaboration with climate scientists to dramatize the human impact of global warming in the Finger Lakes.

↓ Sara Warner – “Performing Democracy: Bad and Nasty” [PDF]